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About us

Welcome to Gliders Paradise Scale Sailplanes.

We offer scale sailplanes built to perfection. They are models of the best performing gliders in the world and they look and perform just like the real gliders when flown. Aerodynamically clean, our sailplanes are suitable for thermal as well as slope flying and many of them are aerobatic. Our line of products includes popular models as well as our new technology developments, such as a moulded Pilatus B4, introduced to the market at the beginning of the 2000 season.

In 2002 we developed the world’s first moulded Glasflügel and a moulded transportation Cobra case with a strap shoulder - both products have become a real hit! As the trend in the modeling world leans towards moulded technology, we have decided to re-make some of our original models Discus 2b, Ventus 2c (2cx), and Duo Discus into moulded versions and develop a moulded transportation trailer on wheels. Our philosophy is to be ahead of our competition all the time and to continue developing new models that will keep our valued customers happy for future seasons.

Our employees are skilled sailplane builders who have undergone special training and have many years of experience. A KV sailplane starts in our hand-made moulds. Eighty percent of the materials we use can be found in real sailplanes, the remaining 20% are the best quality imported modeling materials. All the models are hand-made to customer specifications in order to preserve the highest possible quality. Attention to detail is our speciality. According to customer feedback our products are rated among the best in the world when it comes to their firmness and quality of workmanship.

The sailplanes we produce are almost ready to fly. Install the servos of your choice and the model is ready to soar. If you wish, we can install the servos for you. As the models are made to customer specifications, you can choose what functions your model will have. Most of the models have airbrakes and landing gear as standard equipment. Many of our gliders can be further equipped with a custom cockpit, airtow release mechanism or a retractable pylon. All models have the original true scale sailplane livery applied. If the customer wishes, the colour of the standard decals can be changed or these can be completely custom made. It all depends on your taste and budget.

Our website contains a complete list of models, from the smallest to the largest gliders, including their detailed description and options for additional equipment, technical data, drawings, photo gallery and retail prices. In the section of Frequently Asked Questions you can find answers to the questions we most often get from our customers. Should you have any further inquiries or special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you happy soaring with Glidersparadise Sailplanes!