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Duo Discus 5,33m

The two seat remote control scale sailplane Duo Discus with the wing span of 5.33m is a larger version of the small Duo Discus 2.5m. It is made in 1:3.75 scale. It is not difficult to fly as the wing does not have flaps. Advanced pilots can have the model supplied with flaps. The firm, robust construction allows an experienced pilot to fly aerobatics.

The fuselage of Duo Discus is made of fiberglass. The cockpit is equipped with a moulded seat. If the customer wishes, the cockpit can be custom equipped with seat covers, upholstered side panels, control levers, a control panel, microphone and map. The canopy with openable windows opens to the side on two hinges just like the full scale sailplane.

The wing is a composite of fiberglass, carbon fiber and Herex sandwich material.The wing spar consists of carbon roving and fiberglass sandwich web filled with balsa wood. The attachment of the wing to the fuselage is carried out by the extention of the wing spar and secured by a pin, just the way it is in the real sailplane.

Duo Discus 5.33m comes equipped with Schempp-Hirth air brakes and  retractable landing gear. The model has the original true scale sailplane livery applied. If the customer wishes, the colour of the standard decals can be changed or these can be completely custom made.

The model can be supplied with other cab variants or building materials and color versions.

With basic equipment, the Duo Discus 5.33m requires eight (8) servos, i.e., elevator, rudder, ailerons, airbrakes, retractable landing gear and airtow release mechanism. Two (2) extra servos are required for the model with wing flaps. If modified as an M version, the model requires an additional servo for the retractable pylon.

The Duo Discus 5.33m can be easily transported in our moulded transportation Cobra trailer on wheels, which we have developed for models up to 6 000mm.



Model # Specs Price + 21%VAT
GPDUO 5,3 m Brakes, retractable landing gear CZK 58 000.-
GPDUO 5,3m  CC Brakes, retractable landing gear,custom cockpit CZK 61 564,-

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Scale: 1:3,75
Wing span: 5 330 mm
Length: 2 309 mm
Wing area: 109 dm²
Airfoil: HQ 3/15-12 mod.
Loading: 96 g/dm²
Weight: approx. 10 500 g
Flying proficiency: Advanced

The current euro rate is displayed on the main page Moulded transportation case.
Lenght: 2385 mm
Width: 380 mm
Front Height: 380 mm
Tail Height:: 500 mm
Weight: app 6500 g
Price + 21%VAT: CZK 18082,-