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Glasflugel 304cz 3,1/3,6m

The true scale moulded sailplane Glasflügel 304 cz HpH was modified and re-established on the market in 1977. It is very popular among sailplane enthusiasts for its versatility. With winglets, it flies in the 15m FAI category and, with tips, it is flown in Germany in the 18m category.

We are proud owners of the real Glasflügel 304 cz sailplane, with the livery HpH OK-7777 KN, and we have flown over 600 hours in it. It is its good flying qualities that led us to the decision to produce a moulded scale model of this sailplane.

The scale model of Glasflügel 304 cz HpH is a moulded sailplane in 1: 4.8 scale. The cockpit comes custom equipped, i.e., it has an upholstered moulded seat, upholstered side panels, control levers, a control panel, microphone and map.

The wing is a composite of balsa and fiberglass sandwich. The wing spar consists of fiberglass roving and carbon fiber. The attachment to the fuselage is via the extention of the wing spar and secured by a pin, just the way it is in the real sailplane.

The model is equipped with ailerons and flaps, which together work as flaperons, air brakes and retractable landing gear. The Glasflügel 304 cz comes equipped with winglets. It can be custom equipped with tips and airtow release mechanism. The model has the original true scale sailplane livery applied. If the customer wishes, the colour of the standard decals can be changed or these can be completely custom made.

Glasflugel 304 cz HpH can be fitted with an Elicker’s 9 inch retractable pylon. The model can have the fuselage adjusted, pre-cut and fixed with a door, i.e., ready for the installation of the retractable unit or, it can have the pylon completely installed by us.

With basic equipment, the Glasflügel 304 cz HpH requires seven (9) servos, i.e., elevator, rudder, ailerons, flaps, airbrakes and retractable landing gear. One (1) extra servo is required for the operation of the airtow release mechanism and one (1) servo for the retractable pylon if the model is modified as an M version.

The glider Glasflügel 304 cz HpH can be easily transported and stored in our fully moulded transportation Cobra case with a shoulder strap, which we developed together with this sailplane.




Model # Specs Price+ 21%VAT
KVG304cz RLG CC W Brakes, retractable landing gear, custom cockpit,winglets CZK 22928.-
KVG304cz RLG CC WT Brakes, retractable landing gear, custom cockpit, winglets and tips CZK 25888,-


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Scale: 1:4,8
Wing span: 3 125 mm / 3 636 mm
Length: 1 344 mm
Wing area: 43,4 dm² / 47,2 dm²
Airfoil: S 4233/1305 mod.
Loading: 57 g/dm² / 53 g/dm²
Weight: approx. 2 500 g
Flying proficiency: Intermediate

The current euro rate is displayed on the main page Moulded transportation case.
Lenght: 1640 mm
Width: 200 mm
Front height: 210 mm
Tail height: 300 mm
Weight: 2500 g
Price with +21 %VAT: CZK 8122,-